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Pastoral Minister

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Greensboro First Friends Meeting, an established Quaker meeting located in Greensboro, North Carolina, is seeking candidates for the position of full time Pastoral Minister. Applicants should be deeply rooted in the historic faith and practice of Quakerism, while also being open and sensitive to current leadings of the Spirit in our midst.

Please submit all resumes with a cover letter and/or inquiries regarding the position to Some info is available at

Resumes and/or inquiries will be reviewed as received. We will begin the discernment process on August 11th. 

First Friends Meeting is an inclusive and affirming congregation to all persons without distinction regarding race, ethnicity, national origin, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other human category. We have members and attenders who consider themselves Christ-centered, as well as those who prefer to call themselves Seekers, Agnostics or Atheists. We prefer to show our faith by actions rather than words. More focused on the Living Christ than on the Crucified Christ, we are a community of seekers who have found much, but who also know there is much more to be revealed. A well-read community, we affirm and respect diversity of opinion. We would like to connect effectively with people of all generations, as well as to have more involvement and action in the community outside our meeting. We want our pastor to facilitate leadership from within the members of the meeting and to continue to strengthen our successful small group ministries that demonstrate our eagerness to learn and grow.  We want our pastor to be able to honor and respect the strengths of other staff members and to be able to collaborate well as a team facilitator. We want our pastor to be a strong leader, but not a total administrator. We want our pastor to focus on teaching and encouraging members in the different roles of ministry; we do not want our pastor to be solely responsible for any role of ministry. We want our pastor to be well versed and grounded in knowledge of long-held Quaker faith and practice, and we want messages to be Biblically based, but currently focused.


Greensboro First Friends Meeting
North Carolina
Application deadline: 
Wednesday, August 11, 2021